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age: 29
zodiac: Capricorn
ZIP- Area: 1
gender: female
eye color: blue
hobbies: Sailing, roller blading, parties and fishing.
My inclinations: bisexual
hair color: red/ long
size: 1.67m
erotic interests: anal sex, dominant, exhibitionism, fetish, oral sex, voyeur
nation: Germany
cam2cam: cam2cam
shaven: fully shaved
body: normal
I am open minded - and I like everything! I love: anal, oral and watching you c*m. When I`m online - I`m always ready, wet and waiting for YOU!


Karla wears an itsy bitsy white bikini for this shoot that she eventually takes off to get completely naked for you. If you’ve seen Karla before you know how sexy she is and that you won’t want to miss this photo set. If you haven’t seen Karla before, you owe it to yourself to check these images out. Karla is the hottest eighteen-year-old Latina on the net today. There is not a flaw on her flawless body and she’s stacked in the ways that dudes dream about. Plus for this shoot she shows off a new pose that she must have learned in yoga or something. She gets on her stomach, grabs her ankles, arches her back and pulls her feet to her. Her ass looks so fucking hot in this pose that you’re gonna want to bust through your computer monitor just to kiss and lick her asshole for an eternity. Don’t waste another second reading this dribble. Log on and show Karla some love! Click here to see more!


I love working with Gigi because you never know what’s in store. She tells me she keeps it that way to keep her fans coming back for more and I believe it. Today she showed up in a skool uniform with socks pulled up to her knees. With her hair in braids she actually looked all sweet and innocent. But when she started rubbing her clit with a cherry flavored heart shaped lollipop you knew this sex bomb was naughty. According to Gigi she was afraid to lose her virginity at one point so she would let chaps finger her asshole and rub her clit because that didn’t count as sex. Well, for today’s photo shoot she relives those days but this time she’s shoving a huge blue vibrator up her ass instead. Those must have been good times for Gigi because I’ve never seen a chick ball cream so hard in my life. You’ve got to check out these not to be missed photos! Click here to see more!

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Gal alert. If you like hotties that wear those super short shorts that leave their ass cheek hanging out and their thong showing you’ve got to click this link and check out Natalia Spice. What a fucking cutie! She’s making her internet debut here at La Zona Modelos and I think she’s gonna make a lot of money off that body. I saw her walking down the street and she was the kind of hottie that made every man turn their head to stare at her. She’s pretty and she knows it and she admits she loves the attention that chaps regularly bestow upon her. She also told me she loves to speed on her moped and that she has been pulled over twelve times and never gotten a ticket. Yea, well check out her milk cans and go figure why! She’s got all natural grade A “C” cups milk cans and deep brown nipples. She’s also got that apple bottom ass that will make you want to lay her down across your knees and give her a spanking for being naughty. I won’t give it all away but if you log on and check out Natalia, I’m sure you’ll come up with some naughty tricks to play with her as well. Send her your love so we can have this hottie back again. Click here to see more!

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age: 21
zodiac: Gemini
ZIP- Area: 1
gender: female
eye color: green
hobbies: Swimming, discos and movies.
My inclinations: bisexual
hair color: black/ medium length
size: 1.72m
erotic interests: anal sex, bondage, fetish, fetish clothing, oral sex, role playing, toys, BDSM, spanking, wax games
nation: Germany
cam2cam: cam2cam
shaven: fully shaved
body: sporty
I’m Zohra and I love hard, dirty sex. I especially like role playing games - when I am your slave and can serve you. When I don’t please you enough - I know I need to be punished with hot wax - or a spanking. Please don’t forget to praise me too - when I’ve been good. :)


I love when I can get first timers to take a vibrator up the ass during the first shoot. I especially love when they do it with a smile on their face. Meet Christina. She is making her internet debut here on Pacinos Adventures. I thought Christina was gonna be difficult to work with because she’s super shy and reserved. She works at a local flower shop making up bouquets and corsages and stuff like that. When I ran into her she had her hair up and tight jeans on with a flannel shirt and tank top underneath. But what caught my eye was the fact that she had on no bra and you could see her hard nipples every time she bent over to take an order. She had a consummate hard body waiting to be set free. Thankfully florists don’t pay well and Christina was up for earning some extra cash. The shoot started slow but when I started telling Christina how some flowers remind me of a woman’s slit she started to loosen up and get turned on. So check out Christina as she goes all out and fucks her asshole in her first internet appearance here on Pacinos Adventures. Click here to see more!

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age: 26
zodiac: Capricorn
ZIP- Area:
gender: female
eye color: brown
hobbies: Reading, writing and skating.
My inclinations: bisexual
hair color: black/ long
size: 1.56m
erotic interests: anal sex, dominant, fetish, pee, oral sex, parking lot, swallowing, BDSM, voyeur, wax games
nation: Spain
cam2cam: cam2cam
shaven: fully shaved
body: normal
I`m inviting you into my erotic world of sensuality and dirty fantasy. Ride the wave of lust with me - you`ll have the time of your life. ;)
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age: 30
zodiac: Aries
ZIP- Area: 1
gender: female
eye color: brown
hobbies: Music, Latin dance, ocean trips and guitar.
My inclinations: bisexual
hair color: black/ medium length
size: 1.7m
erotic interests: anal sex, submissive, dominant, exhibitionism, pee, oral sex, toys, voyeur
nation: Germany
cam2cam: cam2cam
shaven: fully shaved
body: normal
Come and dance with me - or just let me dance for you, and maybe slowly take off every piece of clothing too. ;) I`m hot, horny - and very passionate - and waiting for you now. ;)
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Abilene Klein
age: 20
zodiac: Pisces
ZIP- Area: 3
gender: female
eye color: brown
hobbies: Music, dance and erotic chat.
My inclinations: bisexual
hair color: brown/ short
size: 1.68m
erotic interests: dominant, exhibitionism, bondage, fetish, fetish clothing, orgy, role playing, toys, BDSM, wax games
nation: Germany
cam2cam: cam2cam
shaven: fully shaved
body: slim
Hi, I`m a sex addict bitch. I love to present the action: hard, dirty and horny sex! - Without taboos! I have sex toys: dild*s, clamps, bondage, wax, belts, chains, leather, shoes, NS . You like pain, you want to be shown, special clothes or fetishes, you want to be my dirty little pig? Then come to me! I`ve been waiting for you!


Patricia likes fast cars and fast women. She’s into dong but loves to eat slit and make women cum. She’s got big breasts and a twat that likes to take it hard and heavy. Needless to say it didn’t’ take much for me to get Patricia over for a photo session. This hottie knew just what to do from photo one. I let this pretty little number go and she didn’t disappoint. She had on this pretty pink racing leotard that showed off how stacked she was. She’s got those big floppy boobs that you know smack her face when she gets fucked hard from behind. Nothing like all natural ta-tas. Patricia came over shaved and ready to play. Her fingers weren’t doing the trick and I knew she needed more. I handed her a bit blue vibrator and she rode it until the sun went down. Not that I was counting but I think Patricia came about eight times before our session ended. This is the first time you will see Patricia fucking herself on the internet but I guarantee it won’t be the last time you see her! She loved it too much! Click here to see more!

A hot 36D cup busty teen blond like Brittany already gets more then enough attention when she’s clubbin with her friends! But looking at these amat pictures she needs a whole lotta more attention! Check out these pics! Britt is totally naked and spreading up before her own cam as well, I can tell you the series get hotter and hotter!

Now what do we have here? A pair of hot suckable nipples and an ass that needs to be slapped! But Britt loves teasing a bit more, so she has tons of vids - fullscreen - in her members area where she rubs her hot nipples and plays with herself! Oil over her big boobs too, check her our right here!

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Tania is the most innocent looking naughty cutie pie I’ve ever come across and I’ve ball batter across a lot of babes. This angel looks like your typical honey next door Latina and she pulls it off really well. But get her naked and show her a dildo or a hard boner and all that innocence goes out the window. She likes to get crammed hard and fast and the bigger the better for this Latina vixen. One of her signature moves is to suck her slit juice off of whatever dildo she’s been fucking because she likes the taste of her own twat so much! Log on and let Tania show you her angel pot and just how much fuck tool it can take! Tania Spice is gonna be one of our biggest stars and you can see all of her exclusive content here! Click here to see more.

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If there was a picture of perfect in the dictionary, Cierra would be there! Although it would have to be and X-rated dictionary because she would probably be naked and riding a dildo. Cierra has a body that makes your sausage hard just looking at it. Her nipples are always hard and she loves to squeeze them for the camera. Cierra says her nipples are hardwired to her clit and if you play with them long enough you’ll make her cock juice. In this photo series Cierra gets wet in the tub and the slit as she fucks herself with a little waterproof vibrator until she cums, and cums again, then cums again. She is insatiable and unstoppable. Log on and check out Cierra. Click here to see more.

DAMN! Sasha of Dutch Teen Amateurs sure is a cutie! This sexy teen redhead has some cute little boobs and a sexy smile…and in a way, this hottie resembles pop star JoJo. She is very horny, and ends up getting fucked with a dildo! All the action goes down in HD video! You will love all the close-up high definition content of this horny young lady! Do you think she has a firecrotch?

There she is fucking that dildo in doggie style position. Sasha has a lot of fun on her bed, just humping that fake cock. She is really enjoying it, and you can tell that she will cum very hard after fucking it. She is one of the horniest teens around. This Dutch Teen Amateur has a ton of hot, fresh content to enjoy, so if you want to see more of her on high definition video (HD), then click here!

What an angelic face don’t you think? Cute teen amateur Brandy from BananaBrandy sure knows how to strike a pose. Look at her sitting like that one knee up and that lace pink and jeans miniskirt says romantic all over as well. Little did we know that this innocent girl loves to rebel as well and get into some raunchy sexy poses for the camera!

Now that is what I mean! Ass up legs spread and pulling her pussylips WIDE aside so you can get a nice and good look at her hot moist pussy! Cause that’s what Brandy loves as well: getting fucked hard with her legs up your shoulder nice and deep! How do I know? Cause she’s written that all over her forum, that’s right this is not just another teen that poses only, you can send her a Personal Message on her forum and talk to her as raunchy as you like! right HERE!

Wow, just take a look at those perfect little boobies on that barely 18 sweetheart, Angie. She is such a cute teen amateur from good ol’ Dutch country! She has such a cute little smile, and her hot body is so sexy - don’t you agree? She is wearing a really sexy and revealing short jeans skirt. Holding her top like that shows her yummy boobs! Wouldn’t you just love to suck those perky nipples!

Angie is getting to be a naughty girl! She is such the tease. Just standing there, looking down at you, with her fingers spreading her pussy, asking if you wanna feel juicy pussy!. She has some of the nicest teen amateur titties out there! This is one dutch teen amateur that you do not want to miss out on! Click here for more pics of this sexy brunette teen, baring all just for you to check out!

Did we ever get that many request for ANOTHER hot SweetNaturalGirl serie with Jillian? No way! But I gotta say this serie rocks, it really does and let me tell you next weeks serie is gonna be even hotter: a PINK and black sheer bikini that shows even more of Jillian’s cute boobs with her dark brown puffy nipples!

Look at Jillian, standing in the kitchen, ready to hop on the counter and spread up in that cute french style blue seethrough top and panties! Did you know she LOVES chatting with her members, come on, send her a Personal Message too and if you’re too shy, well then just enjoy her HQ pics and fullscreen vids! All right HERE!

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Yes let´s strip, that´s what everyone wants to see, teens from holland getting naked, just rent a nice place get a nice teen and say hey wanna strip! Well not exactly but still the result is the same a HOT teen nude on the floor rubbin g her clit and watching herself cum in the mirror. And that times 100 more even cause DutchTeenAmateurs has a LOT of teens!

wow is that a nice teen amateur pussy from holland or what

Exactly that is where we love you to put that nice big dildo and play with yourself! Nathalie never posed before and wow was she nervous but when you see pics like these AND the close ups we got its all good. Nathalie and her friends, cause Dutch Teen Amateurs has a lot of pics over 25.000 exactly and still growing, is right HERE nude spread and huge pics!

What a cutie, SweetNaturalGirl Jillian. Just see how she is stretching on her bed. Cute duvet cover even cuter french style white lace and peach lingerie. And look at that flawless ass. Did you know she even smells like peach? Well her favorite perfume smells like that she said. On her forum! That’s right this teen hottie has her own forum!

So you wanna tell her too that she smells great? Sure that no problem at all! Just check out her site and make sure you say hi to her on her forum or read her blog! This cutie is not just a perfect picture calender girl, she loves chatting with her members right HERE!

I know normally we put the hottest pics of Miss Jillian from SweetNaturalGirl here when she updates. And that is tomorrow. But WOW does this update rock! Look at her top its totally seethrough, check out her hot dark nipples and curvy boobs. Her amazing ass looks perfect in that mini jeansskirt as well! This update is gonna be amazing.

On her knees. And we videotaped it and took plenty of BIG pics. Cause starting this update the members area pics are even BIGGER! A whole whopping 1152×1728. Now thats a BIG pic, great for making wallpapers. And if you want some more inspiration, send Jillian a Personal Message on her forum, she loves chatting with members! Can’t wait to see her fullscreen video of this serie online as well! It’s all right HERE!

Wendy is an 18 yr old first timer. The Boss & Bruno met her in a restaurant in Cacun, Mexico. She has great natural 36d s and a round, perfect curvy ass that any sane man would die for. She has a great atitude and loves sex! Enjoy this big tit sexy latina!

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Wendy is an 18 yr old first timer. The Boss & Bruno met her in a restaurant in Cacun, Mexico. She has great natural 36d s and a round, perfect curvy ass that any sane man would die for. She has a great atitude and loves sex! Enjoy this big tit sexy latina!

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Wendy is an 18 yr old first timer. The Boss & Bruno met her in a restaurant in Cacun, Mexico. She has great natural 36d s and a round, perfect curvy ass that any sane man would die for. She has a great atitude and loves sex! Enjoy this big tit sexy latina!

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What can I say about the Spice Twins!  These two ladies kicked genetics ass twice!  And what consummate round and plump asses they have.  I’d swear these two get hotter every time I see them.  The twins really went the twin route today and wore matching bra and panty sets for me.  They were super toned and tan and I wanted to fall on my knees and beg for more when they turned to me with their thong buried deep between their cheeks.  But I digress, not only are their asses outstandingly hot, but their “C” cup milk cans are world class as well.  If you’ve seen the Spice Twins before, this is a flawless opportunity to add some new images of these cutie pies to your permanent collection.  If you’ve never witnessed perfection times two, log on today and get a double dose of smoking marvelous ass and say hello to the sexiest twins on the planet….the Spice Twins. Click here to see more.


Our non-stop party cutie Gigi is back to get naked for you.  Even though we keep fresh new talent coming in droves, some of the angels we meet along the was are so fantastic that they have an all access pass to ball cream back and work with us anytime they want.  Karla, Maria, the Spice Twins and Gigi are perfect examples.  Gigi is a spirited eighteen-year-old Latina cutie pie that loves to fuck.  Gigi is equally happy finger fucking one of her girlfriends or riding on a stiff penis.  Today, I caught Gigi in the mood for a sausage.  She just got these pink rollerblades that she wanted to try out so I was game.  I think Gigi was more into how sexy her ass looked peeking out from the pink and white short shorts she was wearing.  Needless to say, rollerblading was short lived because the motion was getting Gigi turned on.  So we found a secluded spot, set down a blanked and spend the afternoon fucking.  Gigi always loves to stick her tongue out but in this scene it’s covered with sperm! Click here to see more.

Wendy is an 18 yr old first timer. The Boss & Bruno met her in a restaurant in Cacun, Mexico. She has great natural 36d’s and a round, perfect curvy ass that any sane man would die for. She has a great atitude and loves sex! Enjoy this big tit sexy latina!

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Cum and see Mrs. Boddy get the dick she's been waiting for!

Mrs. Boddy is one of those desperate housewives that has a husband that’s become totally uninterested in her body! She works out every day, and she even got a boob job making her tits two sizes bigger, but still her hubby won’t give up any dick for her! Whatever is this poor MILF to do? Get a young boy toy who will appreciate her incredible body, that’s what! Mrs. Boddy suspects her neighbors son will be perfect! He’s barely out of high school and always peeping at her through her window, so she was going to make his MILF fantasy come true!

After inviting Johnny over, she could tell he was nervous, so she quickly soothed his nerves by rubbing his junk until she could feel him getting hard! Pulling down his zipper and grabbing his cock, she started to suck it in and out of her mouth as this stunned young man enjoyed the ride! It had been a while since Mrs. Boddy gave a hot MILF blowjob, but for her it was like riding a bicycle… she never forgets! Soon after she had her MILF pussy in his face while he licked her up and down, and this kind of treatment got her wetter than a puddle and ready for a hard fuck! When she felt Johnny’s dick push into her pussy, this MILF knew she had to the solution to all of her frustration problems!

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Watch MILF Mrs. Hardman suck and fuck some young cock she found on the beach!

While the husband’s away, the cougar will play, and horny MILF Mrs. Hardman is on the prowl for some young, strange dick that she can bring home and work her pussy around. She usually hangs out on the beach near the public gym and looks for muscular studs that can bang her snatch right, unlike her lazy husband. Today she happened to spot a beefy dude that was hitting the weights hard, and this kinky MILF offered him a real workout back at her place. Of course the dude couldn’t say no, and soon he was in her bedroom and eating out her sweet and wet pussy to get her ready for a hard fuck.

To return the favor, Mrs. Hardman started slobbering all over his knob until it was slippery and wet with her saliva. Taking it deep into her throat and running her tongue up and down his thick shaft, she admired the size and couldn’t wait to have it sliding deep into her neglected pussy. Pretty soon she was on her back with her legs spread and her young lover’s dick was driving deep into her lovehole, hitting spots she didn’t know existed, and sending her wild with orgasmic sensations. In all different positions she was getting deep-dicked to her desire, and only stopped when her boytoy sprayed a gooey load of cum all over her big tits and moaning face.

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I can’t help it. I’m a fan of video games so sometimes when I get bored I go to the Arcade. And today I found this great, new motorcycle game. I have a thing for motorcycles. So I hopped on and started playing but I wasn’t prepared for the vibration of the motorcycle. I guess it’s to simulate a real motorcycle but I can’t lie it made me a little wet.

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Wendy is an 18 yr old first timer. The Boss & Bruno met her in a restaurant in Cacun, Mexico. She has great natural 36d s and a round, perfect curvy ass that any sane man would die for. She has a great atitude and loves sex! Enjoy this big tit sexy latina!

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Brianna told me she "will do ANYTHING it takes to be famous". Well, I put her to the test to see if she could be ‘The Hood’s Next Top Model’. I pimped her out in a skimpy leopard dress and high heels and had her pose on her knees. She knew where to go from there.

Cassidy Clay Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

Cassidy is a hood rat we found drinking at 10 in the morning. We thought we could help so we gave her the "She Got Pimped" make-over. She didn’t appreciate shit and is going home to her man. Don’t matter. She still got pimped!

Sexiest Taxi Driver Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item


Tania is a dirty chick.  She may be nineteen and still in braces but she can be nastier than the floor of a New York City taxi, in a good way.  Speaking of taxi’s, in this shoot she put on a black and yellow taxi uniform for you.  Thing is, if you were lucky enough to get Tania as your driver, it’s guaranteed that if you talk glamorous to her, you could get her to fuck herself on the front seat and let you watch.  This beauty loves getting naked and masturbating on camera so she makes my job super easy.  Log on and watch Tania play with herself and a silver ribbed vibrator in a scene I call Driving Tania home. Click here to see more!

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Sandra, a brown chocolate phat ass had no idea she’d be playing with more than just pool balls hanging out with us! Thinking the pool cue was the only stick in the game, she obviously didnt know the whole game. Sandra had a pool cue in hand, a fat dick in the mouth, and plenty of creamy jizz on the chest.

Lisa Strokes Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

While out and about at the mall, we saw the perfect canidate for our make-over show. Lisa wasn’t about to give in though without a fight! Eventually we transformed her from shotty to hotty. Cum watch as we take her through the paces of "Da Hood’s Next Top Model", pimping and pumping that sexy ass.

Pleasure Bunny Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

When I need a pussy fix there’s nothing easier than crusin’ for a ‘ghetto princess’ to please me. In my experience, broke ass bitches always fall for a good line. Did she really think I was going to make her a Ghetto Princess? Anyway, she cleans up nice and then pays the price on her knees. "Don’t call me, I’ll call you."

Damn! I’m surprised the water isn’t boiling after this steamy senorita rolls her ass in it! Watch that short video clip, and see how this phat latin butt bounces slowly and sensually in the tub! She’s got the moves down allright - I can just picture her bending over and getting fucked from behind! Can you imagine just how good of a view that would be?

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That’s one mighty fine piece of ass, and I know I could make it wetter than it is right now! How would you like to be the one who grabs this hot-blooded ho’s booty and gets to stroke her fires? You can - just check out the girls at! Don’t believe me? Then, take yourself over to and see what they’re saying about these spanish sluts!

Sidney Kohl Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

I hit the town again looking for Da Hood’s Next Top Model. I was in luck when I ran into this shorty Sydney and she agreed to be on the show. Before the makeover begins this sexy minx had to model my cock in her mouth and take a pussy pounding on all fours. Its all part of Da game.

Cameron Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

Cameron’s so broke she’s been shopping at yard sales, so we offered her a makeover and TV audition. She knows that there’s only one way to the top in Hollywood and promply mounted our ‘producers’. She’s no longer a rookie pussy but in the end all she got was a lousy t-shirt.

Candace Nicole Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 17, 2008, 11:11 am) flag all up to this item

When we suggested to Candace that she might have to ‘go the extra mile’ to get a spot on our reality show, she didn’t expect it be a mile of rock hard producer cock pounding her dark room. Showing off her acting skills the whole time she grinned and bit her bottom lip… until we told her the truth… She Got Pimped!


Pamela is gonna break a lot of hearts and make a lot of ramrods hard.  This eighteen-year-old Latina cutie pie has one of the best asses I’ve ever seen.  Your gonna want to plant yourself behind that thing and never leave.  According to Pamela, she isn’t ready to have sex on camera….yet.  But she is willing to give you an up close and personal look at her sweet slit as she masturbates herself until she cums for you.  And just wait till you see how tight her twat is!  Your gonna’ blow just imagining how it would be to bone this hottie.  If you want to see some grade “A” tight Latina gal pot, log on and check out Pamela Spice. Click here to see more.

Pigtailed Twins Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 8, 2008, 6:20 pm) flag all up to this item


I never get tired of taking images of the Spice Twins.  And judging from the amount of fan mail they tell me they get, you never get tired of lookin’ at them either.  For today’s shoot, the gals decided to mix and match bikini tops and bottoms.  They thought this was the coolest idea and went on and on about it.  I didn’t want to break their high spirits and tell them yes, it was cute, but men just want to see your milk cans and ass.  They for the most part, don’t give a fuck what you’re wearing as long as you take it off.  The good news for them is that I didn’t ruin their fun with my big mouth.  The good news for you is that they take their suits off and get down to business so you get to see plenty of Spice Twins milk cans and ass! Click here to see more!

Jungle Fever Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 8, 2008, 6:20 pm) flag all up to this item


I don’t mean to brag but I’ve got to be one of the luckiest fucks on the planet.  I got a call from the Spice Twins today and they told me they had a friend that wanted to model with them today.  If you’ve ever seen the Spice Twins, you know this was an offer I could never refuse.  They are freakin’ glamorous and any chance to see their bubble butts smackin’ a thong, I’m in for.  So when I get to their house, sure enough they have another chick there with her navel pierced and the tiniest little black and white bikini on.  The Spice Twins were flanking her left and right side and I almost popped in my pants right there.  These three worked so well together, I’d swear they choreographed this whole thing before I got there.  This shoot goes down in history as one of the Spice Twins hottest shoots.  Good work beauties!  If all your friends are this pretty, you can recruit for me anytime.  Check it out.

Mara has huge milk cans Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 8, 2008, 6:20 pm) flag all up to this item


I don’t give out free advertising on my site so I’m not gonna mention the name of the establishment that I found Mara working at.  Lets just say they have great beers and wings and it’s fun to check out the cutie pies that bring you your food.  I knew Mara was into me and my camera and I thought with the right negotiating I could get this cutie to fuck on camera.  We went through some flirting and negotiating and before long this tight and tan thing was poolside, ready for me to make her famous by riding my sausage.  Life can be sweet and the slit sweeter! Click here to see more!

Sexy Latina Twins Brazil Latinas like it BIG !by Larissa (cached at October 8, 2008, 6:20 pm) flag all up to this item


Can you say twins?  That’s right fellas.  Live out all your twisted fantasies and check out these two twin chicks.  They aren’t identical, so you’ll have to judge who has the hotter ass or the harder nipples.  I called this shoot jungle fever because they both showed up in these charming animal print bikinis with their hair wet like they just emerged from some Amazon rain forest.  No need to thank me.  This is what I do.  I scour the world to bring you the hottest first time models have them get butt ass naked for you to see from the comfort of your own home.  Twins!!!  Check it out.

I love getting all the email messages that you send me.  This morning I woke up and before I hit the beach I read through about fifty messages from you all.  I try to answer as much mail as I can but I still have quite a ways to go.  So anyway, until I get to all the messages I just want to say thank you for all your kind (and the occasional kinky) emails and letters.  I hope you keep reading my blogs and enjoying my images.  With that said, after I hit the beach I decided to set up an impromptu photo shoot because you all were on my mind so much.  So when you check out this set of pics, know that your letters were my inspiration for the day!  Love you all…Click here to see more.

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I don’t know what got into me today but I was feeling super naughty.  I wanted to be a bad chick and push the boundaries of what I’ve done on camera before.  I guess I’ve been feeling restless and bored lately so for fun I put on a super charming plaid skool uniform and pretended I was the sexiest floozy on campus for you.  I rolled up my shirt and skirt so you can see a ton of skin peeking out.  But of course that is just the tease.  Most of the uniform comes off but you’ll have to log on to see just how much!!!  One thing I can say is that I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Click here to see more.

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A lot of you ask what I wear to bed.  That’s sort of a hard question to answer since it depends on the night!  If I’m going on a date and may have a guest home I’ll put on a hot nightie or something.  If it’s super marvelous out, I know it’s not fancy, but I’ll sleep naked and if its a regular sort of night I usually sleep in a tank top and chap short bottoms.  Funny thing is, if you check out this photo set you will see one of my regular sleep outfits.  Believe me, I’m all about being marvelous but sometimes a chick just has to be comfortable when she sleeps!  I think you’ll agree; I still look hot hot in these pics.  ;)   If I left my shades up, would you want to spy into my bedroom window? Click here to see more.

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I was in a weird mood today.  I think I really need to go on a date soon or something.  When I woke up I was in a kind of pouty/naughty/sexy mood.  I think I haven’t been getting enough stud attention lately and it was getting to me.  I knew I had a photo shoot set for later today, but it was cloudy out and I didn’t want to go to the beach and get sandy. So I had the crew come out to a location closer to my house and it worked out really well.  From the images I think you can see how cranky I was in the beginning but then I started to think of all of you looking at my pics and all the emails I get from you telling me how beautiful I look.  This was just the kind of attention that I needed to turn my frown upside down!  I usually don’t admit to stuff like this but midway through the shoot I started to get really wet and really into the scene.  I hope it has the same effect on you!  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! Click here to see more.

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I am really proud of my body and I love to show it off as much as possible!  This day I was bored at work and a photographer came by to say hi and schedule a shoot.  I think I surprised him when I said lets do it now!  My boss wasn’t there and there were a few really sexy dudes at the bar and I knew if they saw me getting naked that I would get a really big tip!  As soon as I started posing the sun came out and it got really hot so I had to take off my clothes charming quick.  Everyone loved it and I was getting really into it.  In one picture you can actually see the sweat glistening off of my lower back.  If you are ever in Rio don’t forget to stop by my work because you never know what will happen there!  I hope you enjoy my images. Click here to see more!


I always thought this Betty cartoon was adorable but I had no idea they made whole movies about her. Way back years ago they had these black and white classic cartoons with her and I saw one at a cinema last Tuesday night with some girlfriends of mine. She is even sweeter on the screen with the way she dances and the boop-boop-be-doop sounds she makes.. I totally LOVE her! :) When I was younger I used to collect stickers with her on them too. It’s marvelous wild that back in the day they thought the cartoon was hot. I mean I think she is cute and all but now with marvelous topless movie scenes online available any day of the week I think poor Betty can’t really be too marvelous anymore. Take a look at these images of me in my Better shirt and bikini. Who do you think is sexier… Me or Betty?! lol Click here to see more.

In my personal life I really like to role-play so I’ll share one of my fantasies with you.  I love the idea of a really charming and dominant businesswoman dressing up and going out to a club after work and having all eyes on her.  She would be so charming that both the dudes and chicks couldn’t stop staring and she would have her pick of who to take home with her.  Once she gets them home, she would sit them down in a chair, tell them they couldn’t touch her until she said it was ok, and then she would give them the hottest striptease and lap dance they ever imagined.  Since this fantasy gets me so worked up I wanted to share it as best as I could with all of you.  My motto is work hard, play harder.  So come on in and let me work hard for you and when you get hard, maybe we can play some day!  Now log on so we can get to work! Click here to see more.


Down here in Latina America a lot of the stuff from the States kind of gets ignored. We have really flawless beaches and amazing weather so we spend a lot more time outside I think and are more active so we don’t watch so much television… but one thing we all love for sure is Baseball. Today I finally got the shirt I wanted. I’m not really a fan of one team more than the other, so I collect all their shirts and this is one of the last ones I needed for my set. My friend Dora says I should send them some images of me in their shirt and my tiny black panties… you know, the ones with the pink bows on them :) She thinks id make a better team mascot than that green fluffy dragon things they have running around on the field all the time. I’m thinking of sending the pics just because I think it would be sooo funny when they open my mail and see what’s inside lol. Well, these are the photos I might send… so what do you think of them? Click here to see more.


You don’t need glasses and you are not seeing double.  We have scored big time with these two and yes they are TWINS!!!  Meet Elana and her twin sister.  Both kittens are enrolled in a local community college and they decided to do a shoot with us to help pay for next semesters books.  These gals are intelligent, driven and have exactly the same stay hard nipples as each other.  These sisters are so close that they know just how to move and pose with each other.  They are like music in motion.  Needless to say we had a really charming scene with these two.  They were up for a lot of phat poses and you have to check out the photo where they have each other’s bikini bottom straps in each other’s mouths.  Twins are double the pleasure, double the fun. Click here to see more!

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I don’t know what they made these bikini bottoms out of but whatever the material is it’s awesome. It almost feels as if I’m not wearing anything at all, even when they start riding up on me and get caught tight in the crack of my ass. I just love them :) they really show off my body perfectly — well, not quite as perfectly as wearing nothing at all but if you want to see that you’ll have to join me inside and give me a chance to prove that I really do have the best ass on the net! Click here to see more.

I was feeling so lazy this morning!  I was out dancing with my friends till all hours of the night last night and I didn’t want to get out of bed but I knew I had a photo shoot that day.  That’s when I had a great idea.  Rather than me going to them I asked if they would come to me!  I’m so happy they said yes.  So this is my photo shoot in my apartment!  It was so funny to be shooting there.  I know it’s not an exotic location but I felt really natural and really like my self, taking images in my very own dining room and on my balcony.  I know this is going to sound crazy but it felt really intimate too.  I’m so glad I had this experience because I feel like these pics really capture me in my own space and in my own place.  Even though I do get topless for you in these emotionally I felt really naked and really close to you, if that makes any sense.  Well, I hope you enjoy!  Talk to you soon. Click here to see more!

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This top used to be purple but for the summer I wanted something lighter and more breezy so I river washed it and now it’s this amazing lavender and white color, and the fabric got so soft and smooth it feels great against my skin. It worked well with my white mini skirt too but I couldn’t find panties that fit the look really. If you take a peak at the images and see the panties I had on under my white mini you’ll see the best I could get was this see through kind that lets you see way to much lol. Well I guess me not being able to find the perfect panties works out in your favor instead because in the end it means you got to see even more than I was going to show you! You can even see I have camel-toe in these pics, I know some of you think that’s totally glamorous so I guess it all worked out for the best anyways. Click here to see more. 


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